09/02/2010: A very quiet record and other stories

It was a bit of a surprise to The Scribe when Julien Gittens’ name didn’t appear in the results from the Older Persons’ Meeting at Sheffield on the 24th, so he made enquiries and discovered that the Mature Bounder had sneaked off to Glasgow to participate in the Scottish M****rs’ Championships at Kelvin Hall that weekend – and broken the Club Over-45 Triple Jump record.  Julien’s so far from being one to blow his own trumpet that he’s probably lost the mouthpiece; and in any case he didn’t really rate the distance – 11.92 – seeing he’d had a marginal foul the long side of 12½ metres.  Will we see him approach the 12.83 he did when a mere boy of forty summers?   Watch this space!

For the third time in four years (last year he was injured and didn’t defend) James Walsh won the Midland Senior Championship on his home course at Leamington, getting the better of three pretty close challengers in a very tight finish.  Presumably the Midland Association will let him keep defending it until he loses it; judging by the finish he seems pretty determined to keep it for as long as possible…

Various results forwarded to The Scribe by his informant Tracktime O’Surf (Steve Linsell to the uninitiated) indicate that Matt Hudson’s having a busy time.  Following an 8.08 clocking over 60m Hurdles at Cardiff in mid-January he ran at the London Games at Lee Valley on February 1st, in one of those meetings where sprinters get a two-for-one offer of races, and as appears frequently to happen the second effort was better than the first.  Not that either of them was negligible – 8.07 in the first heat, a season’s-best 8.02 in the second.  Steve also forwarded a couple of sprint efforts from the Mosley brothers at the Loughborough Open the day before; Tom ran 7.24 for his 60m, while Jack was a bit closer to his PB with 7.60.

There were cross-country championships of various sorts taking place on Saturday in which Leeds City members participated.  Nearest home were the West Yorkshire Schools’ Championships near Wakefield, where if normal selection processes for West Yorkshire are followed nine members will be representing the County later in the year.  The most overwhelming contribution will be in the Intermediate Boys’ age-group, where the Club will all being well supply half the team; Gordon Benson won the event, Elliot Todd placed 4th, Harry Foster 7th and Steven Eastwood 8th, and should anybody drop out Alex Hart (10) will be among the reserves.  A second title came the Club’s way when Mike Wood won the Senior Boys’ race, with Dale Worton placing 3rd and Danny Davis 5th; while the other two Club representatives to gain theoretical selection – Georgia Yearby in the Intermediate Girls’ and Gemma Keir in the Junior Girls’ – both coincidentally occupied fifth place in their races.

There were two Bronze medals for individuals in the Yorkshire Veterans’ Championships, run on the nowadays somewhat neglected Graves Park course in Sheffield which was always one of The Scribe’s favourites.  (Don’t ask why!!)  In the 35-49 age-group Martin Farran, in 10th place overall, was third Over-45 gent across the line; while in 19th place in the 50-69 race Brian Hilton occupied the same position among the Over-60s.  With his supporting cohort of Roger Parker (56th – 11th Over-60) and Dave Barras (69th, 16th Over-60) he just missed out on a second bronze, the team finishing 4th.

One of the mysteries which has perplexed The Scribe for some time is why the British Students’ Championship is so often held at Stirling; in these days when in student life all is real, all is earnest he suspects it might not be for his suspected reason that it involves a weekend stay and the opportunity of Practising the Manly Arts (see Leeds City Newsletter of about 1975).  Anyway, they were there again on Saturday, and half a dozen or so Leeds members were out – mostly, needless to say in Birmingham colours (the one exception, Durham’s captain Alex Davy (been there, done that, got the track-suit!),  placed 94th in the A race.  Ahead of him James Wilkinson placed 8th in a strong field including some Seniors, though at half a minute behind Nick Goolab it may not have been one of his better runs, and Carl Smith placed 33rd; the Birmingham team in the B race was a bit packed with Leodesians, including among its members Joe Townsend (11), Mike Salter (18), Ollie Ziff (23) and Geoff Belcher (45).

Saturday also saw what must undoubtedly be the latest date on which a Club member has ever secured his Christmas dinner when Darran Bilton won the Vets’ prize finishing third (by a whisker, judging by the results, from one of New Marske’s rising bunch of youngsters) in the Loftus Poultry Run.  Needless to say, this was an event which should have gone ahead just before Christmas but was postponed in the light of the snowfall of that time and was re-scheduled; and any suggestion that Bilto is going to put his prize in the deep-freeze for Christmas Day next year is an unfounded and scurrilous rumour!

Pride of place in Club members’ efforts in the gallop down the Shoddy Canyon known as the Dewsbury 10k on Sunday must go to Susan Partridge, who not only placed 22nd overall in a fast 33.42 (she’s actually, according to Roger Norton, gone faster) but more importantly ran impressive Northern champion Hatti Dean to only fourteen seconds – which Hatti reportedly found surprising until she was informed of Susan’s footwear misfortune at Blackburn.  This is in no way to put down the efforts of the men, who led by Simon Deakin took the team prize by very nearly two minutes (they add up times rather than count places at Dewsbury).  Simon found himself in a tasty four-hander with Mark Buckingham, Matt Bowser and Andrew Pearson and wound up third in 30.03, eight seconds down on Buckingham and about the same ahead of Pearson; his team support came from Spike Williams (why not in Stirling, The Scribe wonders?). 8th in a tight finish in 31.58, and Nick Hooker, two places back in 32.37.   There were good runs from second-claimer Steve Body (14th, 33.09) and Steve O’Neill (61st, 36.28), and another winner when in 71st place (36.55) Trevor Clough led home the Over-50s.

Alan Buckley went in for something slightly shorter on Sunday; he ran in the Alsager 5 in Staffordshire, and placed 11thin a very strong field in 24.12 – not much more than half a minute down on the winner.

Now here’s a mystery!  According to the results of the Alexandra Park 5k in Manchester on Sunday, 16th place was occupied by a Leeds City runner called Richard Dyson – and there ain’t no such animal on the Club’s membership list.  However, on the same website which shows the results is a picture of the first three female finishers – and the one occupying the traditional winner’s spot in the middle looks uncommonly like Rachael Dyson!   Is this merely a typographical error??


Yet again The Scribe got it wrong –though on this occasion he blames a misread of the Brass Monkey Half-Marathon results rather than the usual case of galloping senility, he reported Trevor Clough’s time as 1.30.59 – it was in fact a considerably swifter 1.22.34!   Well might he be peeved.