BMC Nike Grand Prix / UK Challenge Final – Birmingham 20th Aug 2011

This meeting appears to have combined the two above competitions in one,with some people running in the BMC races,but not being part of the UK Challenge Final.

In the Women’s 200m,Kadeena Cox finished 7th in 25.51s a very good time considering that she was running into a (-2.0m/s) headwind.
James Wilkinson was 3rd in the BMC 3000m steeple chase,running his 2nd best time ever with 8.40.52,but won the UK Challenge race within a race.
In the 5000m,James Walsh was 2nd in the BMC race,yet won the UK Challenge competition with 13.48.24,Simon Deakin finishing 7th in the BMC race with 14.29.08.