The Leeds City A.C. Committee has discussed in recent weeks the situation in relation to a number of Athletes who train at South Leeds Stadium and have consistently not paid their training fees.

On Tuesday & Thursdays from 5.30 to 9 the Indoor Centre and outdoor track are booked privately by Leeds City Athletic Club and we pay over £18,000 each year in rent to Leeds City Council. If as a club we didn’t agree to the long term rental of the facility then the Council could potentially hire them out to other organisations and our training programmes would be interrupted on a regular basis.

The management of the facility during these times is the responsibility of the Leeds City AC committee and it is up to us to set up and police the rules as we see appropriate.         

A decision has been made that all athletes must pay the relevant rate to train with our coached groups and to use the facilities. We cannot allow athletes to train free of charge because of their ability, we have far too many athletes who come into that category, neither do we have the resources or skills to properly assess athletes on a hardship basis.

We think it is fair to ask all athletes who train to pay a fee and we can support athletes financially in other ways such as allowing instalments to pay for Annual membership fees and at times we have contributed towards equipment and some other expenses.

Prior to a training session athletes must go to the club desk in the reception at the Indoor Centre and pay the required rate. They should also tick the sheet for the relevant coaching group and date stamp their hand. The lists for each coaching group will updated to include the regular non members who train with our groups.

 The current rates are as follows:

 U17’s – £2.00,

Students – £2.50

Seniors – £3.00

Guests / Non Members – £3.50

From Tuesday 17th April Committee Members will carry out regular checks with all the coaching groups to make sure all the athletes have paid. It is unfortunate that we have to do this but we have been left with little choice because of some of the regular non payers and it is not fair on the vast majority who do pay that others get away with it.

 I would appreciate your support and understanding as we carry out these checks.


Martin Horbury


Leeds City Athletic Club