Gordon’s Triathlon Success!!

Gordon Benson a member of the GE Great Britain Triathlon Team enjoyed relay success with gold this weekend at the 2011 ETU Youth Triathlon European Championships in Tours, France.
Competing over a 350m swim, 9km bike and a 2.5km run, each 15-17 year old athlete completed their own super-sprint triathlon before handing over to their teammate. The team handed over to Gordon for the final leg and in an exciting finale, an excellent run by Gordon propelled the British team to the front and onto the top of the podium making them the 2011 European Youth Champions!

Gordon is the youngest of the team of twenty one athletes British Triathlon has confirmed will compete at the ITU Triathlon World Championships in Beijing next month, 10-11 September. I feel sure that everyone at the club will wish him well!