Junior National League – Sunday 29th of August 2010 at Wigan

Just when we thought the track and field season was all over we found out that the Junior National League were to compete for promotion at Wigan on Sunday 29th of August 2010. This date could not have been worse as it clashed with the Leeds Fest, Annual Summer Holidays, Danny Davis’s 18th Birthday Celebrations and the Inter-Counties at Gateshead being on the previous day

Pat Childs was instrumental in pulling together as many athletes and officials as she could . The lads could make a team but no girls were available. Elliot Todd and Connor Morley still both U17’s helped to get points by making one in. The officials who helped out on the day gained full points. It was a very windy and cold day especially for Arthur Cockrofttime-keeping in the stand!

On the track……….

Dale Warton (A) (2.03.0) came 1st on the 800m beating Sam Bucknall from Wakefield, backed up by Elliot Todd (B) (2.06.5) who also came 1st.

Dale Worton (A) (4.15.4) again beat Sam Bucknall for 1st place in the 1500m this time backed up by Geoff Belcher(B) (4.19.1) who again came in 1st.

Danny Davies (A) (6.52.8) competed in the 2000 Steeple Chase coming in 2nd and was supported by Elliot Todd (B) (6.52.9) in 1st place having decided that he likes leaping over these large hurdles.

LCAC managed to muster a team of Dale, Connor, Geoff and Elliot for the 4 X 400m event which they completed in 3.52.0

On the field…………

Mark Fuszard (A)(21.92) gained further points in the Discus backed up by Karl Evenden(B)(18.18).

Karl Evenden (A) (22.51) followed this by throwing the Hammer.

Connor Morley (A)(1.70) scored full points in the High Jump supported by Mark Fuszard(B)(1.60) who also took full points.

Mark Fuszard (A)(37.46) then threw the Javelin backed up by Karl Evenden (B)(25.34)

Mark Fuszard (A)(5.59) and Connor Morley(B)(5.32) scored more team points in the Long Jump.

Mark Fuszard (A)(2.00) then scored full points in the Pole Vault equalling the only other competitor from York.

Latterly Karl Evenden (A)(8.39) and Connor Morley (B) (8.35) threw the shot for a few more points.

Unfortunately LCAC only acquired 188 points making them 5th out of the five teams. It was not due to lack of effort by those who competed on the day that we did not get promoted. Let’s just hope that next year with a little bit of forward planning and the attendance by the quality athletes that we have at LCAC we will get up there.