Men’s 12 Stage/Women’s 6 Stage Road Relays – Sutton Park Saturday 9 April 2011

19/04/2011 – Elaine Benson (from YEP)
Our ladies did the club proud and just missed out on a medal coming in 4th place. (1.47.33) Lorna Young gave the ladies a good start, and our star runner Susan Partridge picked up 9 places on the 4th stage taking the team into 3rd place. They held third on stage 5 but slipped into 4th place at the end.
(L Young 16-59, A Gostling 18-02, R Dyson 18-59, S Partridge 16-39, E Birchall 18-43 and J Guard 18.1)

We were without Dave Webb in the men’s A team and came 7th. (4.14.56) An unfortunate start put the team towards the back of the field, James Wilkinson gained 15 places on the long 3rd stage bringing them into 14th, James Walsh was even faster on the 9th stage moving the team through to 7th place, in the 3rd fastest time of the day. Simon Deakin took the team into sixth on the penultimate stage and the team slipped back into 7th to Finish.

(C Smith 28-30, M Salter 14-58, J Wilkinson 26-17, N Hooker 15-06, A Buckley 27-25, M Wood 14-58, J Smith 27-41, F Meade 15-39, J Walsh 26-06, J Townsend 15-07, S Deakin 27-49, D Bilton 15-21)

Leeds had the 2nd fastest B team in 26th place.(4.33.45)