North East Schools Combined Events Championships – Doncaster, 25-26th June 2011

25/07/2011 – Steve Linsell
On a lovely warm weekend throughout the country, our multi-eventers produced a stack of pb performances and peppered the all time rankings lists with their efforts.
U15 Girls Pentathlon
Melissa Fletcher scored a pb 2531 points, finishing 6th in the Under 15 girls Pentathlon and placing 14th on the all time list.
She ran a pb in the 75m hurdles with 13.0s, moving up to 11th on the all time list and another best followed in the shot, with a putt of 6.50m.
Melissa was close to her best in the high jump with 1.39m and jumped over 5m for the first time in the long jump with 5.03m, moving up to 15th on the all time list.
In the last event, the 800m, Melissa ran 2.48.1, not a pb, but 3 out of the 5 events were.

U15 Boys Pentathlon
In his first outdoor Pentathlon, Jacob Fincham-Dukes was in fine form, finishing in 2nd place and recording 3 pb performances in the process.
In the 80m hurdles, he made a big improvement on his previous best of 12.0s with an 11.6s clocking, moving him up to 4th on the all time list and just a tenth of a second shy of the club record !
A putt of 9.19m in the shot added 24cm to his pb and in the long jump a 5.76m leap was a 20cm increase on his previous best and equal 10th on the all time list.
In the high jump, Jacob wasn’t far off his best with a 1.61m clearance and he finished off with 2.26.3 in the 800m, giving him a final score of 2536 which places him 5th on the all time list.

In 7th place, Jack Gape added over 500 points to his score in the same competition last season and also recorded 3 new best performances.
A 12.5s run over the 80m hurdles was 0.4s quicker than his previous best and a decent shot putt of 9.86m followed.
In the long jump, a 5.50m leap added 22cm to his best ever and earned a place on the all time rankings list.
A 1.52m clearance in the high jump wasn’t far off his best and he finished the day with a pb run in the 800m with 2.44.5 for a final score of 2162 and 14th place on the all time list.

U17 Women’s Heptathlon
In her first Heptathlon, Hannah Ukandu was 4th, recording 5 pb performances out of the 7 events and going 12th on the all time list with 3678 points.
She started off with a pb 13.0s in the 80m hurdles and high jumped close to her best with a 1.41m clearance.
In the shot, Hannah was down on her best form with a 9.10m putt, but in the 200m, knocked over a second off her previous best with 28.0s.
A long jump of 4.76m was another pb and her javelin throw of 28.23m, probably her best performance of the day, moving her up to 8th on the all time rankings list in her first year as an Under 17.
Yet another pb in the 800m of 2.50.4 finished an almost perfect day for Hannah and placed her 12th on the all time list.

U17 Men’s Octathlon
Matt Campleman claimed Bronze in his first Octathlon, achieving a pb in 4 events and scoring 4271 points.
In the long jump, he was close to his best with 6.26m, matching his jump at the Yorkshire’s in May and went on to throw 22.27m in the discus.
His javelin throw of 33.48m was a considerable improvement on his best, as was an excellent 52.6s in the 400m.
In the 100m hurdles, Matt was close to his best with 15.0s and cleared 1.75m in the high jump for another pb and a 4cm addition to his previous best, moving up to equal 25th on the all time list.
A shot pb of 10.90m followed and a first 1500m, ran in 5.14.3 ended a great day for Matt, placing him 7th on the all time Octathlon list.

In 6th place James Finney was in pb form in 3 events and made his debut in others.
There was a big improvement of 45cm on his previous best in the long jump, breaking the sand at 5.70m and in his first discus throw, James recrded 24.44m.
In the javelin, he was over 40m for the first time, adding almost 5m to his best ever with 40.16m.
A run of 56.8 in the 400m was followed by a pb in the 100m hurdles with 15.7s, knocking 4 tenths of a second off his best.
James high jumped a very useful 1.78m, threw 9.65m using the 5k shot for the first time and ran the 1500m in 5.29.2 for a total points score of 3919 and 10th on the all time list.

Andrew Russell finished in 10th place in his debut Octathlon, setting 5 personal bests and competing in two events for the first time.
He jumped a pb of 5.54m in the long jump, threw another in the discus with 24.66m, wasn’t far off his best in the javelin with 26.07m and ran 62.4s in his first 400m.
In the 100m hurdles he ran a pb with 15.9s and added another in the high jump clearing 1.66m.
His shot was over half a metre better than ever before with a putt of 8.93m and a run in the 1500m of 5.11.2 added up to a final score of 3432 and 17th on the all time list.

Connor Morley finished 12th scoring slightly more points than in the same competition last year, but outside his pb.
He long jumped 5.26m, threw the discus 16.61 and the javelin 27.74, all down on his best this season.
In the 400m Connor was outside 60s with 60.4s, but in the 100m hurdles set a pb with 15.9s.
In the high jump he will have been disappointed with 1.69m, but was close to his best in the shot with a 9.48m putt.
A run in the 1500m of 5.29.0 resulted in a final score of 3271 points.

U20 Women’s Heptathlon
Fran Coldwell was 2nd, including 3 pb performances in her first U20 Heptathlon.
In the 100m hurdles she ran a pb 17.4s, over 2s faster than her effort at the Yorkshire’s and moved up to 16th on the all time list.
She jumped a season’s best of 1.38m in the high jump and putt a 1cm pb with 8.86m in the shot.
In the 200m Fran clocked 27.9s and went over 5m for the first time this season in the long jump with a pb of 5.24m and a rise to 15th on the all time list.

A season’s best of 25.68m followed in the javelin and in the 800m, she ran 2.41.7 for a total of 3667 points and 10th position on the all time list.