Northern Athletics Young Athlete Road Relays Championships 2010

Gordon Benson, Elliott Todd, Harry Foster After last year’s third by Leeds City U17 men, and with two of that team still eligible, the question I asked myself was could they do better? Yes! I expected Warrington to be the danger and maybe Halifax. There was no discussion about who was running which leg, as Gordon and Elliott had already decided that! It was not the “arrangement” I would have chosen, but they had a plan. And all good plans come together, you hope. Gordon started and when I looked after 150m he was where he always likes to be, in front. By the time he returned he had opened up a lead of 20 seconds, completing the fastest overall time of 10.56. Elliott took the second leg and again was fastest on his leg in 11.35 presenting Harry with a lead of 43 seconds. As they left the track Holmfirth were in second but it was the Warrington runner in third who was catchinh Harry. Had I spotted the danger? No worries. The winning margin may have been cut to 3 seconds, but Harry crossed the line first for the team, running his leg in 12.52 and giving Leeds City and overall winning time of 35.23. A performance which Lisa, Ann, Carol and I enjoyed watching. Well done to the “A Team, and a plan that came together.