Nottwil Games – Switzerland Aug 13th 2011

Hannah Cockcroft set three world records in her T34 class, with 18.03s in the 100m, 31.87s in the 200m and 60.97s in the 400m.

She had a superb competition,but revealed it could have been even more impressive but for problems with her racing chair in travelling out to the event:

“I’ve got a new chair and it’s been going really well in training, but unfortunately it got damaged on the way out to Switzerland with a buckled wheel and front forks,” said double World Champion Cockroft.

“Luckily I had spares so those problems were fixed, but my compensator then totally broke in the 800m so I came through in a pretty slow time even though I still won the race. It’s now damaged even more from the flight home so I have a lot to do to make it race-worthy again, but overall the weekend was great”.

“It’s a brand new track out there and it felt fast, especially with the perfect conditions so I was really happy with my performance and so was Peter (her coach, Peter Eriksson), so that’s the main thing”.