The Dort report 2012!!!

Dortmund 2012 was the second instalment of our joint venture between Leeds City AC and Rothwell Harriers.  As always, we started with the Saturday Team Competition in which the top two athletes score points for the team.  This year saw an incredibly high standard of competition across the age groups, and especially amongst the older athletes, but the Leeds team can hold their heads up high as they all performed brilliantly!


The Sunday Competition is an Open Meeting, and for the first time in memory we stayed the extra night so that every athlete got the chance to fully enjoy the Sunday Programme.  In the Sunday competition, athletes get the chance to split into their own year group, enabling them to only compete against athletes the same age – a good thing in the Girls 2000 Long Jump where there were approximately 40 competitors!


There were so many new PB’s and great performances that everyone deserves their own mini write-up!  (See below).


A great trip was finished with our attendance at Dortmund Zoo on the Monday morning on a beautiful Spring day.  Given the smell though, some people are now having second thoughts about getting that pet Orang-utan!


A particular well-done must of course go to Harris, Andre, Alison and many of the older athletes  for yet again coming up with an excellent dance routine for everyone to enjoy on the Saturday evening.


We must also thank all of those Parents who contributed to the Dortmund cause, including those who donated to the Leeds Open raffle, and particularly Judith and Jonny Ibbetson who yet again sorted us all out with our hydration needs!


Our Team Managers were:

Ashley Little (Trip Leader)

Diane Hill

Alison Giff

Julie Fletcher

Eamonn Gilmartin

Keith Pailing

Brad Keir

Si Newton

Andre Parker-Laing

Matt Barton


Finally, a big thank you to those behind the scenes...

To Maria Townsend for agreeing to be our emergency contact back in the UK, to John Fuszard for all the accountancy work required, and to Pat Childs for helping with all the payments for the trip and Ferry Meals amongst other things.








The athletes!…


Group A Boys – Born 1997 & 1998


Jacob Fincham-Dukes – LCAC (1997)

Saturday (Top Scorer Overall!) (Medallist!)

At the time of writing, Jacob still lies top of the UK Long Jump rankings for athletes born  September 1996 onwards (Year 10).  As such, it perhaps comes as no surprise that in a competition only available to 97 & 98 born athletes Jacob came out victorious despite some inconsistencies in his technique with 6.33m.

Jake doesn’t High Jump often these days.  When he does, he has a habit of breaking his PB one centimetre at a time.  That went way out of the window in Germany when Jacob put a massive 10cm on his best with a 1.77m clearance.  Despite a great effort, Jake’s best was only good enough for 4th in what must have been one of the highest standard events of the day. 

Sunday (Winner!)

Jacob continued his phenomenal weekend with 3 different events on the Sunday.  This time he stayed on the track and did well to take a few hundredths off his 60m PB in running 7.57s.  The Fireworks really started to come in the 300m though, when Jake scorched to 37.47s for his first event win of the day.  Jacob’s second and probably best event win came in the 80m Hurdles where he recorded his fastest time ever over the distance with 11.05s – a full quarter of a second faster than his best outdoor best last year.


Finlay Fuller – LCAC (1997)


Finlay’s had a variety of ongoing injury problems over the winter months, and hasn’t been able to train anywhere near as much as he would have liked over that period.  Despite this, he still pulled out two very solid performances even if a little below his Leeds Open efforts with a 7.67s 60m for 4th, and 5.48m in the Long Jump for 7th.


Finn competed in the 60m again, and was just short of his Saturday time running a still very swift 7.72s for 4th overall.  He rarely competes outside the Sprints or Long Jump though, but in Dortmund took on the Shot Putt for the second year in a row, and heaved the ball to a superb 10.42m for 5th place.


Aaron Kettlewell – Holmfirth (1998)


Aaron’s been working extremely hard on his fitness and middle distance running over the winter.  A strong 800m in a time of 2:21.49 secured him 9th place, just five seconds away from the winning time.  The Long Jump has traditionally been the event that gives Aaron most success.  He didn’t disappoint as good jump of 5.36m gave Aaron another Top 10 finish in 9th place also in a very high quality competition.

Sunday (Winner!)

Aaron had a very good Saturday, but an absolutely storming Sunday!  The 60m and 800m are both events that Aaron competes in frequently, and to PB in both is a very good achievement.  In the 60m, Aaron shaved 8 hundredths off his best (also set on the continent!) with an excellent 8.10s.  Just before the 800m, Aaron declared that he wanted to go sub 2:20 and he duly delivered!  Aaron won in a very close Sprint finish, not only clocking 2:19.53, but also winning the event in the process!


Josh Brown – Rothwell (1997)


This year was Josh’s second trip to Dortmund.  Josh proved that he really knows how to step up his game for international competition when he blitzed his 800m PB with a time of 2:23.83 for a very credible 11th place.  Josh also stepped in for the team by taking on the Shot, and secured 17th place with a throw of 5.36m.


Josh competed in the 800m again, and was close to his Saturday time in coming 5th overall with 2:25.09.  To get within a couple of seconds of your Saturday time on the second day in Dortmund is a very good achievement.  Josh also had a go at the Shot, and did well to improve on his Saturday throw with 5.51m for 9th.


Harris Hameed – LCAC (1998)


Harris came into Dortmund off the back of a fantastic Shot PB at the Leeds Open, and was keen to improve upon it in Germany.  Unfortunately, he pulled a muscle close to his his elbow in training on Friday which meant he was always likely to be inhibited on the day.  After some homemade strapping went on, Harris still put out a very big throw of 10.23m for 6th place.  Harris finished off his day with a rare outing in the 60m, coming 25th in 9.25s.

Sunday (Winner!)

Although still feeling fragile in the elbow area, Harris fought through the pain on Sunday and went for his favoured event, the Shot.  Given the pain, Harris can still be very pleased with 9.93m and especially as it was a winning performance!  Harris still resides at the top of the U15 Yorkshire rankings, so everyone will be encouraging him on towards gold in Cudworth!


Harry Ansell-Wood – LCAC (1998)


Harry is another athlete who hasn’t been able to train much over the Winter months due to combination of injury and school commitments.  However, he showed in training in the preceding weeks that he was capable of big PB’s.  Harry duly delivered in the 60m, running a swift 8.51s.  Unfortunately for Harry, it didn’t quite come together in the Long Jump.  In his first competition in quite some time, Harry couldn’t quite get his run-up right, and was unlucky to just break the plasticine on one of his jumps that looked to be over 5m!


Harry had a great Sunday.  After running to new figures in the 60m on Saturday, he did it again by shaving 3 hundredths off for 8.48s, placing him in 9th.  Harry went one better in the Shot though, where 6.82m was an excellent throw for 8th place.


Charlie Moore – Rothwell (1997)


Charlie is a bit of a Dortmund veteran, having been on the trip several times in the past.  Like Clubmate Josh, Charlie really stepped up in Germany recording 2:24.39 for 12th place in the 800m.  The friendly rivalry between Charlie and Josh promises to be good for both lads this Summer.


Charlie had another stab at the 800m on Sunday, and whilst it was a few seconds away from his Saturday time (2:28.69), he would’ve surely been very happy with that before the weekend.  In addition to the 800m, Charlie ran over 300m for the first time.  45.05s gained him 6th overall and showed sound promise in the event.



Tom Harrison – LCAC (1998)


Tom is another athlete who PB’d in a big way at the Leeds Open when he ran 8.0s for the 60m.  In being pleasantly surprised at that time, Tom was looking for a good back up in Dortmund.  Tom duly delivered running his second best 60m ever with 8.17s.


Tom focussed his efforts yet again on the 60m on the Sunday.  Unfortunately in some of the older age groups, there’s no Long Jump on the Sunday, and it’s a shame as it would’ve been great to see how Tom would get on in that event.  Tom’s time of 8.23s for his 60m was a little slower than the day before, but still demonstrates how far he’s moved on this Winter.



4 x 200m Relay – Team 1: Jacob. Finlay, Tom, Aaron.

The lads ran a brilliant race and were very unlucky to miss out on a medal by 3 tenths of a second.  Despite some bumping and barging, they all fought well, and their time of 1:42.56 was very good in a highly competitive race.


4 x 200m Relay – Team 2: Charlie. Josh, Harry, Harris.

Our second string runners can also be very pleased with themselves.  Despite being the ‘B’ team, they beat the A runners from Zwickau and Eindhoven returning a time of 1:57.39.



Group A Girls – Born 1997 & 1998


Vikki Adams – LCAC (1998)

Saturday (Top Girls Scorer!)

Vikki deserves enormous credit for her performances in Dortmund.  She has always been a little injury prone, but her current knee pains have kept her out of Jumping of any description since March 2011, and out of Running for the same period bar one month last summer. 

Vikki was desperate to High Jump in Dortmund even if it meant clearing just one height and then retiring.  As it happened, her knees survived 3 heights without her troubling the bar, and on clearing 1.40m for 6th place, she promptly pulled out to save her knees for the impending Shot competition.

Vikki could have made a great start to the Shot competition, producing a very big throw in round 1, but just losing balance and falling out the front of the circle after teetering on the brink for what seemed an age  A no-throw also in the second round resulted in a safe third throw, followed by a decent 8.62m for 5th place in the fourth and final round.


With the knees starting to ache, Vikki only had one option on the Sunday, and that was to go up an age group and take on the Shot again.  Whilst Vikki lacked confidence to ‘Reverse’, she was hitting through the Shot brilliantly and got in a great series of throws, finishing with a best of 8.87m to go one better than Saturday in 4th.


Gemma Keir – LCAC (1997)

Saturday (Medallist!)

Gemma missed Dortmund last year for the English Schools Championships, but with 2012 being her last year where she can participate in the full programme, Gemma was straight on the Ferry and off to the continent!  In her favoured event the 800m, Gemma yet again took on the very talented Grujic twins from Novi Sad.  In an exciting and hard fought race, Gemma just lost out to the twins but beat everybody else in running 2:25.60 for 3rd Place.  Gemma also ran the 60m for the first time in 3 years and recorded a new PB of 8.92s for 21st place.

Sunday (Winner!)

With the Novi Sad twins electing to take on different events on the Sunday, it opened the 800m right up for her (perhaps unlike Gemma they didn’t have the fortitude for a second 800m!).  You might have expected Gemma to run slower on the Sunday after a busy Saturday and no one to chase, but she turned the tables and cruised to a great victory in 2:24.76.


Caoimhe Crampton – LCAC (1998)


Caoimhe has consistently run exceptionally quick times over 60m recently, and perhaps it comes as no surprise that she yet again flew down the track to an excellent new best of 8.22s for 6th place.  This time also moves her up to 7th place on the Club’s all time list for the event.  With there being no Hurdles events on the Saturday, Caoimhe took on the Shot and recorded her second Top 10 of the day with 8th place in 8.18m.


Given that Caoimhe finds the 75m Hurdles a little too close together, it’s a shame she didn’t take the opportunity to go for a first run over the slightly longer distance.  However, when rhythm and timing are so crucial as they are over the barriers, it’s understandable to have reservations.  Caoimhe did go for the 60m flat though, and once again she performed extremely well as she equalled her prior-to-Dortmund PB with 8.27s for an excellent 3rd place.


Melissa Fletcher – LCAC (1997)


Another athlete who would have relished the chance to Hurdle on the Saturday, Melissa still had two excellent events for her to take on with the 60m and Long Jump.  Mel had a big break through with her Long Jump last year when she went over 5m for the first time, and despite run-up issues she wasn’t a long way off that in recording a 4.74m effort for 9th place.  Mel will probably be most satisfied with the 60m though, where like Caoimhe she recorded new figures with 8.48s for 10th.


As an Under 17 now back in the UK, Melissa is well used to the 80m Hurdles distances.  She performed very well in an exceptionally strong field to dip under 13 seconds (12.99s) for 6th place.  Melissa opted for the 60m again as her other event, and was only fractionally behind her Saturday time coming 5th in 8.53s.


Sian Gilmartin-Green – LCAC (1997)


Sian started the day with a very solid 4.40m in the Long Jump, which placed her nicely in 14th position.  However, Sian has struggled in the last 6 months with a frustrating groin injury, and just when she thought it had finally subsided, she pulled up abruptly in the latter stages of her 60m.  At one point before she got to Hospital, it was looking like Sian may have torn the muscle completely, but thankfully it appears to be less serious, and we all wish Sian a speedy recovery!


With Sian’s injury from Saturday keeping her well out of competitive action, she had to settle for watching and cheering on others.  However, it was noted that there must have been at least one sub 10 second effort in hobbling up the stand steps!


Jasmine Laidler – Rothwell (1997)


Jasmine has worked very hard over the Winter to help her become a regular sub-2:40 800m runner.  The fruits of that hard work paid dividends in Germany when Jasmine produced a fantastic performance to come 6th place in 2:39.34.  That should bode well for greater things to come in the outdoor season ahead.


After a supreme effort in the 800m on Saturday, it was always going to be a difficult task to repeat the heroics again.  In saying that, Jasmine was only slightly off as she battled to what was still an excellent time of 2:43.68 for 6th place.  Last time Jasmine ran a 60m was exactly a year ago, and bizarrely Jasmine ran exactly the same time of 9.49s to come 19th in the overall standings.  Jasmine was one of the busiest athletes on the Sunday and made a rare but successful excursion into the Shot circle.  6.07m was a new PB and placed Jasmine in 15th.


Aimee Easton – Rothwell (1998)


2012 was Aimee’s first trip to Dortmund, and turned out to be a very successful trip indeed.  Aimee’s 800m PB before Dortmund was already very good at 2:47.  However, Aimee bettered that on the Saturday convincingly with 2:44.03 for 9th place and suggested there may be even bigger things to come!


Unlike Jasmine, Aimee was keen to focus entirely on the 800m.  As it turns out, it appears to have definitely been the right choice as those ‘bigger things’ did come and Aimee took another two seconds off her best in returning figures of 2:42.88.  That time gave Aimee 9th place in yet another very strong field.


Nicola Sawyer – LCAC (1997)


Nicola made a bit of an 800m comeback having not done it as an individual event in competition since August 2011.  A very solid 2:46.60 in Dortmund placed her highly in 11th place.  Having very recently decided to focus more on her throwing though, Nic might have preferred to take on the Shot rather than the Long Jump that Saturday.  She gave the Long Jump a good go and was unlucky not to record a valid jump despite looking in good form.


Nicola took on two different events on the Sunday, the 300m and the Shot.  The 300m didn’t quite go as well as Nicola had hoped as she finished 14th overall with 49.73s.  However, The Shot was an excellent return to form as she got the better of Vikki by 3cm with 3rd place in 8.90m.  Most observers would probably agree that after a slightly rocky 6 months with the heavy ball, this is surely Nicola’s best Shot performance to date!


Jess Barker – LCAC (1998)


Like Vikki above, Jess has struggled with long term growth-related injury.  Jess hasn’t run or jumped properly in training for 6 months so probably didn’t have a right to expect much in Dortmund.  However, Jess showed the talent she has and performed fantastically well to record a new personal best in the High Jump of 1.30m!


Despite having not run in such a long time, Jess showed great bravery in lining up for the 60m in Dortmund.  She can be extremely proud of herself as despite the lack of training, she still managed a PB with 9.31s for 17th.  Those who know Jess’ running will have been able to tell that she’ll surely smash that once she’s returned to full training.


Jemma Ibbetson – LCAC (1997)


Not to be out done by Jess, Jemma also broke a long lasting PB!  Jemma went for the Long Jump on the Saturday in Dortmund and put a good 11cm on her old PB in recording 3.87m for 24th in a large field.  4m+ would appear to be within grasp now.  Jemma and Jess decided to swap events for the Saturday fairly last minute, and both can probably be very happy with that decision.


Jemma doubled her event tally on Sunday and consequently doubled her PB tally also!  9.85s took 5 hundredths off her old PB in the 60m and gave her 21st position.  In the Shot, Jemma turned the tables on  Jasmine as she sailed beyond 6m for the very first time with 6.15m and 14th place.  Jemma was the only athlete on the whole trip to beat her PB every time she lined up – having previously contested all of the events she did before coming to Dortmund!


Florencia Orum – Leeds City AC (1998)


Florencia was a late addition to the team, and with the 97/98 Girls having such depth, there were no more Saturday events left when Florencia came forward for the Trip.  She was scheduled to compete in the second Relay Team, but with so many injuries (see below), that fell through also!

Having been forced to sit on the sidelines on Saturday, Florencia really came out fighting on the Sunday!  In the 60m, she took a good 18 hundredths off her excellent Leeds Open time by running extremely close to 9 seconds with 9.02s for 11th.  Florencia can probably be most proud of her 300m though.  She ran an awesome first ever race at the distance and topped a good field to win her heat in 47.97s.


4 x 200m Relay: Melissa. Caoimhe, Nicola, Gemma.

We hoped to field two Relay teams in the Group A girls also, but unfortunately injuries to Sian, Jess, Vikki and Jemma meant that we only had one.  The Girls ran excellently, and like the boys came home in 4th place with 1:53.38.




Group B Boys – Born 1999 & 2000


Joseph Ambler – Rothwell  (1999)

Saturday (Group B Boys Top Scorer)

Joe cuts a diminutive figure on the race track, but more than makes up for it in talent and fight.  Like many of the Rothwell Athletes, Joe’s prime focus was on the 800m and he certainly didn’t disappoint.  A 2:29.52 clocking for 4th place gave Joe a new PB by nearly 4 whole seconds!  In addition to the 800m, Joe went for the 60m and set a decent time of 9.61s finishing in 16th place.


Joe sprinted again on the Sunday, this time over 75m.  Joe’s time of 11.84s was an excellent first effort and put him in 14th place.  Of course Joe also took on the 800m for the second consecutive day, and performed with merit as he crossed the line 1st in his heat and 3rd overall in 2:33.40.


Alex Wyke-Ulliott – Rothwell (2000)


This was Alex’s second trip to Dortmund having been one of last year’s youngest athletes.  In 2011 Alex performed superbly, and in 2012 he proved to enjoy the green track in Dortmund yet again.  Alex’s time of 2:46.30 was a new PB indoors and out, and gave him 11th place in a strong 800m field.  Unlike Joseph, Alex went into the field for his second event and bravely took on the Shot, resulting in a performance of 4.49m for 15th place.


Alex stayed away from the field on the Sunday, and like many others saved his energy up for one last big blast at the 800m!  Alex ran superbly as he triumphed in an extremely close heat to finish 5th overall.  His time of 2:47.29 was only just outside his new Personal Best figures set the previous day.


Conor Hopkinson – Rothwell (1999)


Conor was a late addition to the team, but what an addition he proved to be!  As a late addition, he was unable to get a place in the 800m, but there was space for him in the 60m and Long Jump.  I think it’s fair to say that Conor surprised everyone including himself when he sprinted to a remarkable 8.74s for 4th place in the 60m.  Connor also PB’d in the Long Jump with 3.56m for 23rd, but his speed would indicate that there is much more in the tank for that event.


After an extremely successful 60m the day before, Conor was always going to be keen to step back onto the Sprint straight on Sunday.  This time he had to contend with an extra 15m, but with his endurance training it was never going to be a problem, and he proved as much in scorching to 10.93s for 6th overall in the 75m.  Conor also finally got a stab at the 800m, and ran another extremely good race as he finished 7th overall in a new PB of 2:40.51.


Khalil Abdelaziz – LCAC (1999)


Whilst Khalil competed in Dortmund last year, 2012 was the first year he travelled with the team for the full Dortmund experience!  Khalil put in a solid 60m performance with 9.52s for 15th, and excelled in the Long Jump breaking 4m for the first time with a magnificent 4.12m for 16th place.  This bodes well for Pat’s U13 Boys Young athlete’s team.


Khalil was one of the fortunate few on Sunday, where the programme allowed him to pretty much do all the events he most wanted.  After an extremely tough and successful Saturday and a bit of a niggle, it was always going to be tough for Khalil to hit the same heights.  He wasn’t far off in the Long Jump though, where 3.92m for 13th was still a great effort.  In the 75m Sprint, Khalil sprinted to a new PB of 11.77s for 13th, and in the 60m Hurdles he stopped the watch at 13.22s.  Khalil should be pleased with his Hurdles time as he had to take on Hurdles at a higher height and greater spacing than he would back in the UK.


Alex Verity – Rothwell (2000)


Like Joseph, Alex is yet another ‘Pocket Rocket’!  Making his debut on the track, Alex ate up the ground to record a brilliant 2:49.00 for the 800m, and came a very credible 13th in the process.  For his second event, Alex stayed on the track and completed the 60m in a good time of 9.76s for 18th place.


On Sunday, it was another case of ‘business as usual’ for Alex as he was back on the start line for the 800m.  As mentioned earlier, after having run one the day before, anything within a few seconds is a superb effort.  Alex duly delivered that effort as he only missed his Saturday time by a second and a half in running 2:50.43 for 8th.


Matthew Adams – LCAC (2000)


It could be very well argued that Matthew had the best Dortmund of everyone in terms of  improvements made.  In the Leeds Open last month, Matthew looked like he was capable of much more than the 3.14m he achieved in the Long Jump, and wow did he show that in Dortmund when he sailed out to a huge PB of 3.99m for 19th!  Matthew also had an excellent PB in the Shot, popping over 6m with 6.11m for 13th place.


On Sunday, Matt stayed in in the Long Jump pit and backed up his sensational Saturday effort with another great performance in coming 12th with 3.90m.  Last year, Matthew really didn’t enjoy the High Jump.  He didn’t have much competition experience, and was a little bit wary of a very tall High Jump Bed.  This year Matthew had no such concerns as he leaped a massive 10cm above his old best to record a jump of 1.25m and an excellent 6th place!


Luke Brough – Rothwell (1999)


Luke is another experienced athlete from 2011.  In getting through the Ferry crossing to the continent without being sick, Luke was already a step ahead of last year in his preparations!  He had a solid 800m dipping under the 3 minute barrier and placing 18th in 2:59.90.  Luke also took on the Long Jump and like the other boys in his group achieved a fantastic new best with 3.93m for 20th.


4 x 100m Relay: Connor, Joseph, Khalil, Alex W-U.

4th place seemed to be a theme for our older Relay teams, and the Group B Boys can be proud of themselves despite being unlucky in also securing that position.  A time of 59.43s is very good going at this age.



Group B Girls – Born 1999 & 2000


Bronwen Brown – LCAC  (2000)

Saturday (=Group B Girls Top Scorer)

Bronwen’s had an exceptional start to the season.  Her performances at the Leeds Open show much promise for the summer, and Bronwen cemented that promise out in Germany.  In the 60m, she was very close to her Leeds time in running an excellent 9.14s finishing in =13th place.  Bronwen did even better in the High Jump, where she equalled her PB for another 13th place with 1.25m.  However, whilst Bronwen rattled 1.25m in Leeds, there was daylight in Dortmund!


Bronwen was another of the more adventurous athletes on the Sunday as she took on her full possible compliment of 3 events.  Bronwen excelled in the 75m, running PB figures of 11.24s for 7th.  She was also very pleased with her 800m where she became another of our team to win their heat in an excellent Sprint finish. It gave her 5th place overall with 2:56.20.  Bronwen also went for the High Jump again, and should be pleased with another solid effort of 1.20m for 7th.


Megan Sanders – LCAC (1999)

Saturday (=Group B Girls Top Scorer)

Megan and Bronwen couldn’t be split in their achievements on the Saturday in Dortmund.  Both had two 13th places each, and whilst it wasn’t unlucky for Bronwen, it definitely wasn’t unlucky for Meg either as she set two new PB’s on the Saturday!  The first was in the Long Jump, where a distance of 4.27cm put 6cm on her old best, and the second was in the 60m, where she came =13th with Bronwen setting new figures of 9.14s.  Megan also backed up her Long Jump performance with two more jumps in the 4.20’s.  She stays 7th on the Club all-time list for Long Jump.


The Sunday was going to be tough for everyone given the hard work of the previous day.  However, Megan decided to make it a bit more challenging by doing what must have amounted to a full Long Jump session in the morning!  It seemed to affect her in the Long Jump competition itself where she struggled to reach her distances from the previous day.  That was until her final round where she mustered up the energy to equal her PB with another 4.27m jump for 12th.  By the time Megan reached the track she must have been really feeling it though!  11.59s in the 75m is a good performance, but probably a little down on what a fresh Megan could do!


Nina Boycott – Rothwell (2000)


Nina was another of the Rothwell athletes making her debut on the track, and yet again it was a fantastic debut!  2:47.06 is a great first effort for Nina’s 800m, and proved to be so on the results list as she powered to a top 10 finish with 9th place.  Nina also had a successful first go at the Long Jump recording a best of 3.58m for 22nd place.


Nina spiced up her weekend by taking on another new event on the second day of Dortmund.  This time it was the Shot Putt.  This time she got close to the top 10 as she finished 13th with a very good first time throw of 4.58m.  Of course Nina also ran the 800m.  Like Megan above, Nina was perhaps also feeling a bit tired by this stage, and whilst her time of 2:57.90 (8th) was a bit down on the previous day, any time under 3 minutes is commendable in Nina’s age group.


Alisha Laidler – Rothwell (2000)


After Sian, Alisha was probably the unluckiest athlete on the Saturday.  Just 25m into her 800m race Alisha received a big shove from one of the other athletes and was sent flying.  Whether it was an intentional shove or just part of the hustle that can happen in an 800m indoor race remains unclear, but unfortunately the Officials looked upon it as the latter and that was the end of Alisha’s chances over the distance.  Alisha was incredibly brave though, and picked herself up despite numerous grazes to pick up 25th in a busy Long Jump with 2.97m.


Despite still having several bumps, bruises, cuts and grazes from the previous day, Alisha finally got her chance to complete an 800m.  Gladly there was no nonsense around the first bend this time, and Alisha finished the race strongly in a new PB of 2:58.99 for 10th place in her age group.  She also Long jumped, and did well in another heavily packed field finishing 38th with 2.72m.


4 x 100m Relay: Megan, Bronwen, Alisha, Nina.

Being one of the youngest teams in the Group, and definitely the smallest(!), the girls were up against it here.  However, they can be very pleased with their performance in finishing 9th in 62.90s.



Group C Girls – Born 2001 & 2002


Alex Pyeman (2001)

Saturday (Group C Girls Top Scorer)

Like most of the girls in this age group, Alex is fairly new to athletics.  It didn’t show though in Germany, where Alex competed with great amounts of confidence and enthusiasm.  She took on the 50m and Long Jump, with her best performance being in the former where she reached figures of 8.23s for 13th place.  Alex wasn’t far behind in the Long Jump where 3.33m was a very good jump for 18th.


Alex had another solid day on the Sunday, and can be pleased to have got very close to her Saturday efforts in both the 50m and Long Jump.  Alex was only a mere 8cm down in the Long Jump where a very good 3.25m placed her in 26th position.  Her time of 8.36s in the 50m was also a fine effort placing her in 20th overall.


Emily Tate – LCAC (2001)


Emily is also new to athletics, and like Alex she was keen to take on the Sprint and Long Jump.  As a Year 5, Emily is not yet eligible for the Young athletes league or any Championships this year, so it’s all about gaining experience at the moment.  Emily made an excellent start in Dortmund with 8.48s for 19th in the 50m, and 2.91m for 23rd in the Long Jump.


Emily was also a little down on her Saturday Long Jump performance.  Like Alex, it wasn’t by much, and 2.77m is still a jump that Emily can be very pleased with.  In the 50m though, Emily really stepped up on the Sunday.  She took 14th hundredths off her Saturday time in recording 8.34s and turned the tables on Alex as it took her into 19th place in the age group.


Megan Wyke-Ulliott – Rothwell (2002)


Megan was our youngest athlete in Germany having moved up from her 2011 role as team mascot!Megan’s favoured event is the 800m, and she must have been happy with an excellent 15th place in a time of 3:12.24.  Like the other girls, Megan went for the Sprint and produced a polished performance with 9.46 for 28th place.


Like Alex, Megan proved that a second day of competition really is a big ask for the younger athletes on the team.  She still performed with huge merit though as she recorded 3:15.53 for 12th overall in the 800m, and 9.77s for 33rd in the 50m Sprint.


Rebecca Barker – LCAC (2001)


Rebecca on the other hand is a relative Dortmund veteran having been our youngest athlete last year!  Rebecca gave the 50m a miss on the Saturday.  She did take on the Long Jump though, with the very specific aim of breaking the 3m barrier for the first time.  She was ever so unlucky to fall just short but should be very pleased with 2.92m for 22nd place.


Having had a steadier day on the Saturday, Rebecca was raring to go for the second day of competition.  This time she was ready to attack the 50m and Rebecca certainly did as she ran a new PB of 9.44s for 38th.  Rebecca was a little down in the Long Jump where she recorded a best of 2.62m, but it was still a very good performance.


4 x 100m Relay: Rebecca, Megan, Alex, Emily.

Last year we were unable to get together a Relay team in this age group., so everyone was excited to cheer the girls on in this one.  Despite a small hiccup with the Baton, the girls ran very well and came 8th in 74.35s.



Over-age Athletes – Born 1996


Hannah Ukandu – LCAC (1996)


Hannah was our oldest athlete on the trip and competed with distinction showing a great example to the younger athletes.  It’s been a while since Hannah’s had the pleasure of throwing a 3kg Shot, and she seemed to relish it!  11.37m is a brilliant effort, and Hannah was very unlucky not to win with that.  She can be proud of a very well earned 2nd place though. 

Hannah also Long Jumped.  Hannah’s form has been excellent in that event of late, and she now has a large collection of performances just under 5m.  Sunday was no different as Hannah was only a centimetre short of her PB in jumping 4.97m.  5m will surely come very shortly indeed!


Amena Abdelaziz – LCAC (1996)


Amena’s been running very quickly at the beginning of this year, culminating in a PB at the Northern Champs in January.  She wasn’t far off that time in the 60m in Germany as she ran a very solid 8.59s to finish 2nd in her heat and 8th overall.

Amena has been Long Jumping very well of late in training.  Her run-up is looking swift and well structured, and her Hang technique is coming on nicely.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to be this time though, as a few inconsistencies in her run-up meant Amena didn’t record a legal jump.  It was a shame, as she had a big no-jump in the final round that looked as though it would’ve given her a PB if she was on the board.


Melody Peterson – LCAC (1996)


Whilst all of the other 1996 born athletes have been to Dortmund on numerous occasions, this was Melody’s first trip to Germany as part of the Leeds Team.  Melody really didn’t disappoint though!  She had an excellent Long Jump recording 4.63m and 4.60m efforts making it her second best competition ever and placing her in the top 8.

She raised her game even further on the track though.  In the 60m, Melody dipped under 9 seconds for the very first time running 8.91s for 14th.  Mel also ran her first ever 200m which is always a strange feeling indoors.  A very solid time of 29.07s over the boards would suggest she’ll definitely go Sub 29s outdoors this Summer.


George Moore – Rothwell (1996)

Sunday (Winner!)

Like his brother, George is now a bit of a Dortmund veteran!  George has always trained hard, and the fruits of that labour were extremely apparent as he ran an exceptional time and new PB in the 800m.  His performance of 2:09.08 not only won his heat, but also the competition overall.

George also had an excellent run out over the 400m.  It’s always nice for an 800m runner to see what they’re capable of over the single lap (or double as it is indoors!).  George will surely have been very pleased with his time of 55.38s which netted him another PB and 2nd overall.


Luke Cooper – LCAC (1996)


Luke has struggled a lot with foot-related injuries for a while now.  Unfortunately it’s a tough one for him where it’s more a case of managing the injuries rather than curing.  Luke has a PB of 2:05 for the 800m but with the effects of the injuries apparent, he struggled a little to reach that form in Germany.  Luke finished 2nd to George in the 800m with a time of 2:15.44, but had eased off once he knew he would need to settle for that position.  A time much nearer 2:10 would have been a fairer reflection of his efforts in Dortmund. 

Like George, Luke also ran the 400m.  Luke wasn’t too far off his PB when he ran a decent time of 58.58s which placed him in 6th overall.


Max Ansell-Wood – LCAC (1996)


Apart from the missed year in 2010, Max has been on the Dortmund trip for as long as many of us can remember.  Due to School work loads though, Max avoided the full Dortmund experience and did his travelling via the skies instead.

Like his younger brother Harry, Max has missed a lot of training with School commitments.  However, he can be truly proud of a very promising Dortmund.  Max stuck with what he knew in going with the 200m and Long Jump, but felt adventurous in having a go at the 800m.  In the latter, Max did really well for a first time out recording 2:25.24 for 3rd place, making it a clean sweep for the Leeds lads.  The 200m is more like home territory for Max, and he duly proved as such running a new PB of 25.36s for 7th place.  Like Harry, Max had a very unfortunate Long Jump.  Max struggled with his run-up but nearly nailed it, as the Officials got down to measure one of his jumps and pulled the tape tight at 6m.  Unfortunately, just as they got down to read it, they noticed a tiny indent in the plasticine where the front of Max’s foot had just touched!





All of the Team Managers would like to say a huge well-done to every single athlete for what were brilliant performances in Dortmund!


As we look to continue on towards 2013, we’ll be hoping for even bigger and better things post Olympics at next year’s Dortmund.  C’mon Leeds!!!