West Yorkshire Cross Country League – Sunday 4 December 2011 – Thornes Park – Wakefield. (Juniors U17 and below)

A big change from the snow and sunshine we had last year, it was wet and cold but didn’t deter the majority of our youngsters turning out for the final race of the league.

On arrival ‘Team Manager’ Dawn Savage was busy putting up the tent and flag as well as encouraging the athletes to get warmed up!

Billy Dawson was our only U13 Boy and he ran a fantastic race coming 2nd.

Kimberley Eastwood was our only U13 Girl she ran her best coming 26th in the horrible conditions.

Laura Benson our only U15 Girl having been thrown off her pony the day before, ran her best moving up one place and this time managing to come in 25th.

Sadly for these three athletes they have no ‘team mates’ and it can’t be easy for them on their own.

That’s not the case however for our fabulous 15 Boys team who all work well as a team and they admit it makes such a difference. Individually they have had different illnesses and injuries to deal with but on the day they turned up, as a team, to run their best and it paid off.
Keiran Savage managed to come 5th in a very strong field with Jack Allison on his tail coming 6th. Jack had only run the day before in a very problematic English Schools final but he didn’t hold back on trying his hardest. Zac Widera was LCAC’s third man coming 15th and although Dominic Owens has been plagued with injury of late he was on Zac’s tail coming in 16th just behind him.

On the day these boys were the second team and should be ever so proud!

Of course this was the final league race and the team eagerly waited for the league result – Keiran Savage came 3rd overall and received a bronze medal. The team themselves jumped for joy when it was announced that they had won the league, they all very deservedly received gold medals.

All these athletes are looking forward to training over the next few weeks so that they will be ready to run in the Yorkshire Cross Country Championship in January!