West Yorkshire Cross Country League – Fartown, 30 October 2010

It was a glorious day at Huddersfield on Saturday 30 October 2010 when Leeds City put out a large array of blue and yellow vests in most of the races! On arrival it appears a strange course, inter-weaving around the sports fields but the hills that go off to the side appeared agonising to some of our runners especially those having to go around several times! Our first team out was the U13 Girl’s our only two runners Laura Benson (13.17) and Gabrielle Scobie (14.23) 41st improving their times all the way! They were followed by the U13 boy’s team who placed a very good second on the day. Billy Dawson (13.38) 10th, Joe Plater (13.49) 12th.  (who I forgot to mention in our previous newsletter came 15th at Guiseley) Jack Wormald (15.13) 27th and Hayden Williamson (16.29) 42nd. Let’s hope we can keep these boys working together as a successful team for the future! The U15 boy’s must not underestimate their selves as they came a fantastic 5th on the day! They were led by Aaron Jewitt (15.40) in 16th, Keiran Savage (15.25) in 20th, Ben Tootle (16.44) in 35th , Jack Allison (17.01) in 39th and Daniel Harrison (17.15) in 41st and who is now convinced that wearing spikes on a course like that was the right thing to do! The U15 girl’s placed themselves nicely in 5th and as to be expected Gemma Keir (13.21) ran  a fantastic race placing herself in 2nd, Nicola Sawyer (15.59) 26th ran a good race followed closely by Grace Coburn (16.51) 36th. In the U17 men’s race we were only able to put out two runners, Elliot Todd ran a storming race coming in 2nd (18.01) just what he needed to boost his confidence for the season, he was supported by Chris Mellor who ran a good race coming 24th (22.37). Our Senior Ladies race came in a respectable 4th! Karen Hallas (N/S) came in 6th followed by Sarah Whitley 18th, Ruth Wilcox 22nd, Sophie Lovelle 25th and Sian Davis 52nd! Our Senior Men of course did the club proud bringing the team home in first position.
Simon Deakin, MauizbinAli, Martin Gosling and U20 Michael Wood all came in positions 2 to 6 followed by Michael Burrell in 8, Martin Hilton, Gavin Chatterton and Elliot Cole 10 – 12, Adam Grice 14 and Fergus Mead in 18. There were good runs by Mark Bryant, Sam Bucknall, Chris Wright, Alex Davy, Chris Needham, Danny Davis, Pater Brainey, Leon Foster, Ben Dyson, Martin Farran, Robert Torch, Robert Gatenby and the last of the LCAC competitors, but by no means least Mark Sawyer!