YAL Auxiliary Final Saturday 1st September

Draw details have been published for the Young Athletes League Auxiliary Final to be held at Sports City, Manchester on 1st September.

Qualifying for this final is a fantastic achievement which places our very talented Young Athletes in the top 16 teams in Great Britain. Putting this in some perspective there are 198 clubs in the English & Welsh Divisions alone and the finals include the top teams from Northern Ireland and Scotland as well.

Details including the Timetable are on the Young Athletes website.


Full results from the Northern final are on this link.


And a report on the days events, as follows :-


U13 Girls

In an extremely fast 75m A race, Megan Sanders finished 8th, but in a big pb of 11.1s, taking half a second off her previous best and moving up to 17th equal on the club rankings list.

Megan also made a big improvement in the 70m hurdles, finishing 2nd in the A, with 12.1s, taking 0.6 seconds off her old pb and now up to 5th best in club history.

In the A shot, Megan went equal 11th on the rankings list, adding exactly 1m to her best and finishing 2nd with 7.10m, Grace Denny placing 4th in the B with 4.53m, a little down on her best.

Alex Pyman equalled her pb in the B string 75m, clocking 11.8s in 8th and was 4th iin the B 1200m, this time well outside her best with 4.59.3.

Grace also did the A 800m, running 3.06.8 in 7th and partnered Bronwen Brown in the long jump, placing 5th in the B event with 3.55m.

Bronwen was just outside her pb in the A, jumping an impressive 4.28m in 3rd place and high jumped 1.20m for 4th in the B. 

On the track, Bronwen took almost a second off her previous best in the 150m A string race, finishing 6th with 21.8s, moving up to 17th on the club rankings list.

In the B 150m, Grace Plater went to 26th on the rankings list with 22.5s in 5th place, an improvement of 0.8s.

Grace was just outside her best of 4.36.0 in the A 1200m, finishing 5th in 4.37.2 and was down on her best form in the 70m hurdles, placing 4th in the B with 13.7s.

Fiona Oddy improved her high jump best, finishing 7th in the A event with 1.20m, moving up to equal 25th on the club rankings list and ran 3.18.6  for 4th place in the B 800m.

In the 4 x 100m relay, Bronwen, Grace P, Fiona and Megan went to 17th equal on the rankings list with 58.3s, just outside the time our team ran at Preston earlier in the season. 


 U13 Boys

Tobi Sanni ran a pb 13.7s in the A 100m, finishing in 5th place and going equal 18th on the club rankings list. In the 200m Tobi was 5th in the A race with 29.2s and in the B, Louis Spencer was 7th with 32.0s.

Khalil Abdelaziz was close to his season’s best in the B 100m, placing 7th with 15.0s and must have had problems in the 75m hurdles A race, finishing well outside his best in 8th with 19.1s.

Louis was just outside his pb in the B string hurdles, finishing 2nd with 14.4s.

In the 800m, John Cooper ran 2.40.3, finishing 8th in the A race, with Tom Cryer 6th in the B, clocking 2.50.7, a little down on his best.

Unfortunately the 1500m was an event where we didn’t field an athlete. 

Jack Hirst was a very good 2nd in the A long jump with 4.41m, Matt Adams claiming 5th place in the B with 3.45m.

The same pair did the high jump, Jack improving his pb by a whopping 10cms to 1.35m in equal 4th place and going 10th equal on the club rankings list.

In the B, Matt claimed a good 2nd place, close to his best with 1.25m and in the shot, putt 5.24m for 6th in the A event, Khalil taking B string 4th with 5.04m.

The 4 x 100m team of Khalil, Tobi, Louis and Jack were 4th in 58.2s, just shy of a place on the rankings list.


U15 Girls

Lone 100m runner Caoimhe Crampton was 2nd in the A race, in an excellent 12.7s and 3rd in the 75m hurdles with 12.3s, Jenny Watson finishing 3rd in the B with a fine pb of 13.1s.

In the 200m, Jenny was our only sprinter, finishing 6th in the A race with another fine performance, equalling her pb with 28.9s.

The middle distances had just one athlete per event from the club, with Leah Metcalf running 2.46.0 for the 800m in 7th place and Laura Benson 6.04.3 for 1500m in 5th.

In the field, we had no vertical jumpers except Millie Bradbury, giving pole vault a bash for the first time and scoring valuable points with a 1.80m clearance in 6th place.

With female vaulters of any age in short supply, hopefully Millie will give it a go in future events and improve her 4th place on the rankings list.

In the A discus (another debut event), Millie threw 10.93m in 8th place and improved her long jump best to 3.35m, finishing 8th in the B event.

Vikki Adams wasn’t too far off her best in the A stringlong jump, placing 5th with 4.55m and with one of her best putts in the shot, was 2nd in the A with a fine 9.88m. 

The javelin was a good points scorer for the club, Vikki winning the A with 22.44m and Laura claiming 3rd place in the B with 9.47m.

In the 4 x 100m relay, Florencia, Vikki, Jenny and Caoimhe were 7th in 57.0s.


U15 Boys 

Lewis Renton was 7th in a high quality A string 100m with 12.4s, Israel Dore claiming 4th place in the B event with 12.5s.

In the 200m, Israel was 6th in the A race with 25.8s, Lewis running the same time in the B, finishing 2nd.

Billy Dawson ran a pb in the 300m, finishing 5th in the A race with 44.6s and in the B, Harrison Wade was 7th in 45.0s, going 6th on the club rankings list. 

In the 800m, Billy was 5th in the A with 2.15.4, a fine 2 second improvement on his pb and Harry Ansell-Wood was 6th in the B race with 2.47.5. 

Dominic Peterson took 4th place in the A 1500m with 4.51.1 and Alex Booth 4th in the B with a huge improvement of his pb to 5.06.2.

Dominic picked up points in the high jump with 1.35m in equal 6th and in the pole vault, Harrison Wade took 4th place with 2.50m.

Lewis and Harry were just 1cm apart in the long jump, Lewis taking 4th in the A with 4.63m and Harry 2nd in the B with 4.62m.

In the A 80m hurdles, Harry was 6th in 13.8s, Harrison winning the B by half a second with 13.7s, just a tenth shy of his pb. 

George Armstrong and Harris Hameed took a clean sweep of their throwing events, George with 11.86m in the shot, 46.94m in the discus and a pb of 32.65m in the hammer, an improvement of 2.5m, moving him up to 7th on the club rankings list. 

Harris won the B shot by over 2m with 10.42m, edged a close B string hammer with 24.44m and had 5m on the rest of the field in the B discus, throwing 28.61m.

Luke Chalders won an extremely close A string javelin with 36.33m, Alex taking 4th place in the B with 17.14m.

In the 4 x 100m relay, Lewis, Harris, Harrison and Israel were 5th with 53.2s and in the 4 x 300m, Harry, Alex, Dominic and Billy were 7th in 3.07.1, the 3rd fastest time this season by the U15 team.


U17 Women

In the sprints, Melody Peterson was 7th in the A string 100m in 13.6s and 5th in the A 200m in 28.2s.

In the B 100m Amena Jeffries ran 14.1s in 6th and in the B 200m, Grace Coburn was 6th with a new best of 30.2s.

Our only 300m runner Gemma Keir was just outside her best, finishing 4th with 44.1s and comfortably won the A string 800m with 2.22.0, Chloe Gaines running 2.56.9 for 7th place in the B event.

In the longer distances, only Chloe ran in the 1500m, finishing 5th in 5.55.4, with nobody avialable to run the 3000m.

Mel Fletcher equalled her pb in the 80m hurdles, taking 2nd place in the A race with 12.2s, Hannah Walker strolling the B, with a pb 12.4s, well clear of the field and moving up to equal 15th on the club rankings list. 

In the 300m hurdles, our only athlete Nicola Sawyer, took 2 seconds off her pb with 52.5s in 4th place, moving up to 21st on the rankings list.

Sian Gilmartin-Green and Amena were a couple of metres down on their respective bests in the hammer, scoring well with 2nd place finishes, Sian with 19.31m and Amena with 13.64m.

In the shot, Hannah Ukandu won the A string by a metre, with an excellent 9.71m and in the B, Sian wasn’t far off her best with 7.04m in 2nd place.

Grace was a few metres down on her best, with 15.00m in the A discus, finishing 7th and in the B, Gemma was close to her pb with 14.30m in 2nd place.

Hannah U, was 3rd in a good A javelin competition, throwing 28.20m and in the B, Nicola was a few metres down on her best, but took a good 2nd place with 20.31m.

Hannah W, was in fine form in the long jump, winning a good A string with 5.26m, just 1cm shy of her pb and in the B, Mel took a fine 2nd place with 4.88m. 

The pole vault was the only field event that we didn’t manage to fill, but in the high jump, Hannah’s U and W jumped pretty well, but the opposition was strong.

Hannah U, cleared 1.45m in the A for 5th place and Hannah W, 1.40m for 4th in the B.

In the triple jump, Melody was 3rd in the A with 9.24m and in the B, Nicola jumped a pb 8.93m in 2nd place, remaining in 26th on the rankings list.

Melody,Hannah U, Amena and Mel were 5th in the 4 x 100m relay with 53.1s and in the 4 x 300m the team of Gemma, Nicola, Sian and  Hannah W were unfortunately disquallified.   


U17 Men

Elliott Hurley equalled the club U17 record in the 100m, winning the A string race in a superb 10.8s. In the B, Jacob Fincham- Dukes took a couple of tenths off his previous best, finishing a fine 2nd in 11.5s.

In the A 200m, Elliott won a close battle with 22.4s, Reece Davison finishing 5th in the B race with 25.1s.

Nick Petrou won the A string 400m with an excellent 49.8s, Mohamed Abshir taking 4th place in the B with 54.5s, one of his quickest times. 

In the 800m, Jack Allison placed 3rd in the A race with 2.07.2, Luke Cooper finishing in the same position in the B with 2.12.6. 

Mohamed ran 4.27.9 in the A string 1500m, finishing in 4th place and in the B race, Sam Convery clocked 4.32.1 in 3rd.  

The 3000m provided good points, with Dean Jerome finishing 2nd in the A with 9.35.1 and  Keiran Savage winning the B with 9.38.7.

In the A string 100m hurdles, Jacob was 2nd in a close finish with 14.0s and in the B, Jack Gape was 4th with 15.7s.

Jacob was our only athlete in the 400m hurdles and in just his second race at the event,  finished a fine 2nd place in the A race with 57.0s.

In the 1500m steeple chase, an event where most clubs struggle to fill both spots, Mohamed and Max Ansell-Wood stepped up to the mark for the first time and performed admirably, Mohamed finishing 4th in the A with 5.12.8 and Max 2nd in the B with 5.44.7.

In form jumpers Matt Campleman and Jack G, scored maximum points in the high jump, Matt backing up his recent 1.85m pb by clearing 1.80m and Jack, following his 1.70m pb from the previous weekend with 1.65m.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, we had no-one in the pole vault, but in the long jump, Finlay Fuller placed 5th in the A string with 5.56m, Jack G coming 3rd in the B with 5.51m, the same distance as the athlete in 2nd place.

In the triple jump, Finlay finished 4th in the A with a very good 11.39m on his debut, Max backing up well with 10.77m for 3rd place in the B event.

James Finney was 5th in a good standard A string shot with a putt of 11.32m, just shy of his best and in the B, Finlay placed 4th with 9.29m.

James threw 24.85m in the A discus, well down on his best and good enough only for 7th and in the B, Luke Cooper threw a pb 16.43m, also in 7th place.

In the javelin, James was a few metres down on his best, finishing 3rd in the A string with 40.62m, Matt throwing 34.43m for 3rd place in a tight B string event.

Max added over 2m to his previous best in the hammer, finishing 6th in the A string with 23.07m, Luke stepping in to fill a gap with 12.82 for 7th in the B.

In the 4 x 100m relay, Jacob, Elliott, Finlay and Matt ran the equal 3rd fastest time ever by a Leeds City U17 team, finishing 2nd in an excellent 45.5s and in the 4 x 400m, Nick, Luke, Sam and Jack A were 5th in 3.46.1.


Final scores

1st     Sale H               936.5

2nd   Preston H       830

3rd   Leeds City  716.5

4th    Gateshead      713.5

5th    Doncaster       668

6th    Liverpool        635.5

7th    Wakefield        535

8th    Sheffield           532


This has been a fantastic effort by athletes, team managers , coaches & parents. The 1st September promises to be a very memorable day.