Yorkshire County Athletics Association – Road Relay Championships 11 September 2010

We had mixed weather at Carnegie on Saturday but there was a really good turn out from the Yorkshire Clubs, sadly we (LCAC) could not fill all the teams but those who attended made every effort to show the rest of Yorkshire what Leeds City AC can do! We had a good turn out of spectators too giving a lovely family atmosphere and plenty of team spirit to the whole event. We started off with the under 13 girls, whose race is not actually run as a relay.  We were unable to put a team of 3 girls into the race but we had LauraBenson 14th (9.26) and Gabrielle Scobie 17th (10.13) both 12 year old girls making their debut in this type of event. LCAC next featured in the under 17 men’s race Elliot Todd ran the first leg (14.07) we were lucky to have him there due to a recent calf injury and he managed to bring the team into third position, Harry Foster in his first year as an U17 then ran the second leg, being the third fastest in that leg (15.17) and Alex Hart brought the team home in 4th place (16.42). (46.06) Although Veronique Marot managed to get her shorts on and warm up we did manage to get a full team together for the Junior/Senior Women’s race and she was not required. Rachael Dyson ran the first leg (16.39) bringing the team into 6th position, she was followed by Fay Lebeter (18.42) who dropped to 7th, then on the third leg we had Emma Fletcher (17.17) who brought the team up to 5th place and bringing up the 4th leg was Ruth Wilcock (17.34) maintaining 5th position for the team result. (70.12) We managed to put two teams together in the Junior/Senior Mens race even though Martin Horbury was waiting in his shorts at the side of the track had not enough athletes turned up! The Leeds City A Team consisted of Tim Crossland (21.40) coming in to 8th position, Michael Wood (21.52) making his debut in this level of racing, moving up to 6th, Ben Dyson (22.51) maintaining 6th position, Dale Worton (21, 15) looking good moving up into 5th, Gavin Chatterton (21.27) gave it all he had moving up into 4th being third fastest on that leg and Geoff Belcher (21.20)  looking strong bringing the team home in 4th place. (130.25) The Leeds City B Team (NS) consisted of Steve Body (21.25) coming into 4th, Martin Sanders (21.09) coming into 2nd, being the fastest man on Leg 2, Steve Cotter (22.13) maintaining 2nd place, Martin Roscoe (21.29) dropping back to 4th, the strong Alan Buckley (19.56) pulling the team up into 1st position and being Leeds City’s fastest man of all on the day, James Lavin (23.31) bringing that team into a third place result but they did not actually count in the competition. (129.43)